Cellphone fanatics have a new blog resource!

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When the first cellphones (big, clunky machines with poor reception and pathetic memory and battery life) lumbered into the market, nobody would?ve expected the kind of power they would pack just 15 years later.

Today?s models can take a short video, a high resolution-picture, double as a personal digital assistant and are even capable of video conferencing. In fact, one unit can outperform the first desktop computers, with better memory capacity and screen graphics that would make the 80?s monitor grow green with envy (which, come to think of it, they did).

BloggyGeek.com is a website dedicated to exploring the technological breakthroughs of cellphones. It talks about the latest models, or gives interesting tips on how to maximize the features found in the phone. (For example, how to take better pictures with a camera phone, or accessories you can buy to extend a feature or solve problems like spotty reception).

Aside from that, the site regularly provides updates on the cell phone industry: announcements from big companies like Nokia and Nextel, and ripples in the cell phone world (like a cell phone outage in New York).

Bloggy Geek is one of the new blog offerings of the Bloggy Network, which is fast becoming the premier blog resource on the internet because of its wide range of blogs that tackle a diverse collection of subjects.

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