WordPress Hailed As One Of the Best

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PC World, one of the leading magazines in technology has recently conducted a study on the best blogging platforms in existence. The criteria they used included ease of setting up a new blog, the ease of using available tools, the quality of provided templates as well as the ease of customizing them. More specifically, they evaluated how fast you can upload images and videos and how fast you can update posts.

Their top choice is Google?s Blogger, which was recently updated. WordPress comes in as a close second. With 50 templates to choose from, it beats other blogging platforms in this respect. Its autosave feature also made high marks with the evaluators. On the downside, it doesn?t allow ads and slows down markedly when images and videos are uploaded.

Other blogging platforms that made the list are Typepad, Tripod (from Lycos), and Squarespace. For more detailed information, you can visit their Blogging Platform Chart.
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