Woman suspended because of personal blog

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The blogosphere is practically a new environment and thus many of the rules that should govern a ?society? or a collective are still not firmly established. Because of this, there are many situations where no exact and proper response can be gleaned.For example, an English secretary has is filing a landmark case in France after she was reportedly sacked for bringing ?disrepute? to her employers by talking about it in her blog that describes her experiences.

The secretary, under the name La Petite Anglaise, has actually gotten a very large following all over the world for her blog ? her personal entries on love, work and single motherhood.

Her blog, which is also read by up to 3000 people a day, do not reveal her name or that of her French ex boyfriend who is also the father of her three year old daughter. She has also never identified her own employers.

But the partners at Dixon Wilson, a leading British accountancy firm, has alleged that she has made herself, and ultimately her company, identifiable by also including her photograph on her weblog. They have also complained that she was using her office time to update her blog.

She said that she was made to feel like a naughty schoolgirl when she was summoned to the office and was told that she was being suspended pending dismissal. She also said that the phrase ?gross misconduct? was also used.

She, through her lawyer, has now lodged a claim with the French employment tribunal and is asking for compensation of up to two years? pay, about ?54,000. The case is the first of its kind in France.

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