Political blogger?s services hired by Clinton campaign

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Sen. Hillary Clinton

As a further proof that more and more people in the mainstream are beginning to see the power of blogging in getting important information out to people, the campaign people for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton recently hired a well known political blogger to help them in disseminating her message in a medium and forum that has not been very favorable to her.This move is quite significant as it shows how important bloggers have become in transforming the US political landscape. In fact, more and more politicians are now setting up their own blogs as a way of not only getting their message across but also as a vehicle to make them more accessible to the public. For example, staffers would answer questions sent to the blog site, and important policy proposals are posted on the net for the perusal of the public. Campaign literature and videos are also posted online by politicians.

Mrs. Clinton is running for re-election this year and is also a strong contender as democratic presidential candidate for 2008. She has been a favorite target of liberal bloggers most particularly because of her continued refusal to disavow her vote in 2002 that helped authorize President Bush?s use of force in Iraq.

The Clinton people are hoping that by hiring Peter Daou ? a key figure in the blog outreach and online rapid response for Sen. John Kerry?s 2004 presidential campaign ? will help improve Mrs. Clinton?s overall image among the liberals and bloggers who are being seen as a growing constituency and is foreseen to eventually play a big role in the selection of the Democratic Party?s nominee for president.

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