Now Bloggy Attacks The Celebrity Cowboy

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Now the Bloggy Network has turned its wrath on Mr David Krug, the liberal cowboy with an extremely personal attack in Jack Of All Blogs.

Bloggy News gives it to you in full-:
I guess one of the things that seduced me into buying this blog was all this cowboy stuff.

Not that any of you would care, but this writer has actually worked and lived as a real cowboy. Up at 4 a.m. to ?rustle ?em horses?, riding for endless hours, it was a time of my life that I really cherish and look back with fond memories of.

You can see my cattle boss, Bob Moorhouse?s library of photos here ? they ain?t half bad?

Now, from my experience (and we?re talking Texas here, not California or New England, where just wearing the hat might suffice) Cowboys are NOT liberal. They?re conservative as hell. Burn the flag at your peril. But they?re also gentlemen. If one acts with honesty, dignity, generosity and?hell, lets just say it ? good old fashioned manners, this behaviour will be rewarded ten fold.

To indulge you further, let me tell you that I am a Taurean Dog which neatly fits into the boots of this cowboy blog. I?ll be loyal as your friend, come rain or shine. But if you cross me?there are no second chances.

Okay, so I?m a sucker. I bought this blog for an inflated sum off this ?genius? self-appointed blog guru. The Marlon Brando of bloggers, David Krug. As he said himself in a thread at Sitepoint when trying to sell this blog: ?I like to get in get my feet dirty and get out. The sooner we get this done. The sooner I can get back to work...?

Now hold your horses, cowboy. There?s nothing wrong with showing a bit of tenacity in completing a transaction. After all, isn?t it just plain good manners? Or does that make me some 19th Century dinosaur expecting too much in this cut-throat world of egocentrism?

The revenue details as provided by Mr David Krug to ourselves, the Bloggy Network, were as follows-:

Payouts for June in USD:

45.00 from
75.00 from Text Link Ads
Revenews 25.00 a month
Shopzilla 60 a month
Other Text Ads 40 a month

Total- $245 USD

Now for over a month and a half of unanswered emails (apparently off camping- btw, cowboys don?t ?camp?)- at great stress and hassle, we managed to get the site, the domain and the TLA account. Basta. We?ve been more than fair and more than patient to Mr Krug. Yesterday, we published his reponse to Dan Zarella?s threat to us in the form of a DMCA- verbatim. As you can see from that- Mr Krug?s only real concern was for himself and his own reputation, justified by a series of name drops?

No- ?gosh I am sorry that this has happened...?

No- ?hey- let me refund you something to make up for all this hassle and lost content...?

No- ?let me help you transfer these accounts as quickly as possible...?

In fact- no nothing….

Not that we care about the paltry $500 of Dan Zarella?s or the lost content. It just left a bad taste in the mouth and Mr David Krug has, if anything, acted worse than Dan Zarella. He says-:

?The only thing that is important to deal with at this point is advertising. Just have to make sure the Revenews and Text links are up on the site..?

Important for who??

We have waited for over a month for these advertising details and call me over-sensitive, but not responding to emails after a transaction like this is just plain rude?.

So the ads are down David- and you can bark all you want about how honorable you are- but the proof is in the pudding.

So as the great John Wayne said- ?get on your horse and drink your milk?..?

In other words- your ads are down for good now and you ain?t welcome!!

***It seems this story just won’t go away…***

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