New Style Master 4.5 CSS editor released

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Cascading style sheets

The first CSS Editor Style Master was released way back in 1998. At that time the new technology of Cascading Style Sheets was still quite an obscure piece of software and was barely noticed in the web development industry. At that time, which is still at the infancy of the internet, a lot of things still were not firmly established. First of all, there was no standards based browser yet, no table based designs and the most advanced and state of the art aspect in the realm of web development was the font tag. The whole concept of accessibility was not even being discussed or considered yet.Flash forward eight years to 2006. and now the developers of Style Master, Westciv, has announced the release of Style Master 4.5. This new software is the CSS editing tool for students, professionals and even hobbyists. The latest version of Style Master builds on the new and unique design feature of the company that is called X-Ray. The innovative online document previewing that allows the user to use online document in roder to preview the CSS while work is being done on it, WYSIWYG editing and the hand coding power tools. There is also a new set of debugging tools that will assist the user in quickly identifying the defective or invalid CSS. Another good thing is that it will enable the user to know exactly which CSS is styling which particular page. It will also help determine which partos the CSS are not being used anymore.

The new version of Style Master is said to cost USD$59.99, half price for students and teachers at USD$29.99.

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