Microsoft and Yahoo Blog Indexing Poor

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Indexing web pages is one important factor in search engine optimization. People want to be on the top of indexed pages so as to gain more traffic to their sites. Blog owners are no different. Properly indexed, a blog will come out at the top of search results and attract more people as readers, theoretically at least.

An avid blogger and writer, Thomas Hawk, recently published something about how search engine indexes blogs. According to his observations, Google indexes blogs most efficiently, with Microsoft and Yahoo at the opposite end. First he analyzed his blog statistics. Fearing that this may seen as a biased analysis, he continued to try out several other blogs and keywords on the different search engines. His results were consistent, with Google coming in at the top and the two other search engines performing poorly.

Though there is not much that a blogger can do about how search engines index blogs, this piece of information is interesting indeed.
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