Long Live The Geeks: Bloggy Network Opens Geek Blog

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For the longest time, geeks have been considered as social outcasts who only have their brains going for them. They inept when it comes to interactions, are not snappy dressers, bad with girls (or boys of they are girls), and have the strangest hobbies and interests. The geeks in high school are a subject of ridicule or mean spirited pranks.

But who would have thought that ? similar to the cult classic ?Revenge of The Nerds? ? geeks all over the world would actually have the last laugh.

That geek who was shunned by the cool guys and girls at school, and who was not invited to parties now has the last laugh. For all intents and purposes, these cool guys and girls may be working as rank and file employees in a humongous company founded by the aforementioned geek.

The advent of the digital age has also seen the rise of the geek. Geek is now cool and being called one is a badge of honor. So in celebration of the geek and all things geek, Bloggy Network has announced that it has opened a new blog called Bloggy Geek.

Bloggy Geek will tackle all aspects that make a geek what he is. There will be the ubiquitous talk about computers, software and programming. Such things as computer hardware and electronic gadgets will also feature prominently. One good aspect of Bloggy Geek though is that the blogs will also freely discuss and talk about the hobbies and passions that are associated with geekdom. These would include anime, science fiction, cartoons, comic books (the geek bible), as well as entertainment news that have a special resonance to geeks all over the world (like new sci-fi or superhero movies).

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