Japanese Read Blogs Most

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A study conducted by Edelman, Japan?s leading international PR consultancy firm, showed that Japanese are the leaders when it comes to reading blogs. This is compared to people from other countries such as the US, South Korea, the UK, and France. The study took into consideration 1,000 Japanese hand in hand with studies in the mentioned countries.

However, though the Japanese are likely to read more blogs at a higher frequency, there is no indication that they are pushed into action by such blogs. In fact, the results of the study indicate that they are less likely to do anything due to the reading of blogs.

According to Robert Pickard, president of Edelman, North Asia, ?Even though blogging intensity is so high in Japan, the mobilizing potential of blogs for marketing or political campaigns has not yet become fully established.? Still he says it is only a matter of time till this becomes a reality.
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