Indian ISPs banning blogs?

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A large number of bloggers in India are seeking to get together in order to protest the blocking of Blogger, the popular blog-hosting site owned by Google. The site has been blocked by some of the leading internet service providers (ISP)s like Spectranet, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), Reliance Powersurfer, Airtel Broadband and Sify.

Various internet surfers in India discovered this last July 15 when, upon visiting any Blogspot blog, they get a message that says ?Site Blocked!?.

It was discovered that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had sent ISPs a list of web sites that it deems should be blocked. According to some people, the list ran for almost 22 pages.

As a result of this apparent display of censorship a number of bloggers have organized themselves into a gropu called Bloggers? Collective and are planningto file a Right to Information application in order to obtain the said 22 page list.

According to Anil Sexana of Spectranet, the said list did contain the names of particular blogs but also said that Blogspot as a whole was not blocked. But this runs counter to the actual experiences of many bloggers and internet visitors in India who claim that they cannot access any page in Blogspot ? in addition to sites in Typepad and Yahoo?s Geocities.

Based on the Information Technology Act of 2000, the Computer Emergency Response Team was established in order to maintain internet security, but it also has the ability to oversee internet censorship based on the clause that is meant to ensure the balanced flow of information.

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