Hackers Attack Blogger.com

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Google�s blogging site has been the victim of a wave of attacks from hackers recently. IT security company Fortinet carried out a study which showed that Blogger.com is vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. Based on their research, they have discovered that hundreds of blog pages contain malicious scripts and that there were even cases of the Stration mass mailer worm being responsible for driving traffic to these pages.

What is the significance of this finding? According to Bryan Lu, a member of the threat response team at Fortinet, �Such threats to a social networking tool of this kind, clearly indicates that social engineering activity is continuing to thrive in the cybercrime community.� He continues, �Perhaps more worrying than the phishing and spamming techniques used here, is the corruption of the blogging site itself. Creatively, any popular topic – from Star Wars to Christmas – in a blog search engine can be used to inject malicious scripts onto a surfer’s machine.�
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