Group Audio Blogging

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How would you like to be able to use audio to annotate your blog posts? More than that, how would you like to be able to use group conversations on your blog posts? That is what Voicethread wants to happen with the introduction of the Group Audio Blogging, software designed for the very purpose of enabling users to create voicebooks.

Users can utilize voicebooks to add audio onto their blog or social networking site. They can be used much the same way bloggers currently write their posts. The idea behind this program is that the human voice adds more power and feel to a web site. To make the most out of this program, bloggers can even offer this option to their readers. Debates can now be done through recordings rather than mere writing.

Whether or not voicebooks will catch on with the citizens of the blogosphere is yet to be seen. It does, however, present a lot of potential.
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