Giving Blogs A Bad Name

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There have been many controversial issues surrounding blogs. Despite the popularity of blogging across various sectors, there are always little � or not so little � things that have brought about negative publicity for the blogosphere. Late last year, Sony was busted with its fake PSP blog. You would think that other people have learned from such a fiasco.

However, there are still some people and even businesses out there that do not seem to have heeded Sony�s example. In spite of that example, there still exists a host of �fake� blogs. According to Andrew Goodman, �They’re really not blogs, they’re a few posts by SEO types on behalf of their clients but pretending to be “real” content, purporting to be about that particular industry, and then there are “links” that basically feature the client’s site.�

Quite obviously, these blogs � if they can be called such � are doing nothing but giving blogs a bad name.
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