Death of the Diary Due To Blogging

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Some of the greatest works of literature today are the diaries of real people who lived real lives. Who has not read about the experiences of Anne Frank, Samuel Pepys, and Captain Scott? Their writings have all been a source of insight and inspiration to countless people across generations.

Yet as technology encompasses more and more of our modern lives, it seems that the art of keeping a diary is being superseded by the blog. The blog started as an alternative form of keeping a journal and it comes as no surprise that it may spell the death of the traditional diary. Such are the findings of a survey in the UK, where only 1 out of 10 teenagers keep a traditional diary.

In contrast, about 47% of these teenagers share their deepest secrets and innermost thoughts and feelings to the rest of the world through their blogs. One thing remains the same, though. These teenagers still do not want their parents reading their blogs.
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