Controversy Rages Over Bloggy Purchase Of JOAB. Part 3

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As this dispute over the acquistion of JOAB by Bloggy has continued to cause waves in the blogosphere news and has become a triangular fair, we now quote Bloggy‘s response to the dispute as posted on JOAB itself-:

I am truly sorry that there has been such a mess over the acquisition of this blog. There again, it always has been controversial?.

The Bloggy Network has acted in good faith and bought a blog based on its popularity and future potential at a fair price, with no knowledge of any existing disputes. The fact that there has been a squabble between previous owners and contributors, David Krug and Dan Zarrella ? is not really of our concern, to be brutally honest. The Blogging Times has reported the story today- here - for those of you who want to catch up on the latest snarl and gossip.
I have received an email from Mr Zarrella asking me to remove all the content from this blog. I have also received emails of assurance from Mr Krug stating that the so-called ?evidence? presented by Mr Zarrella is manufactured and erroneous. Either way, it did raise an interesting question in my mind in terms of copyright on blogs. Who retains the copyright? It?s an age old argument in the arts. Is it the owner and patron- or is it the artist, the under-paid and under-valued Vincent Van Gogh?
If offline principles were applied, then even if the artist or writer was paid handsomely and signed away his claims- he would STILL retain ultimate copyright, passed down to his heirs. But in this age of instant information- the pings and RSS feeds- tracking and claiming such rights would be the camel in the needle?s eye, I suspect. And isn?t claiming on such a right against the very principles of blogs and the internet- free information? We?re talking about an internal, not an external dispute here?
And the fact that anybody would want to retain copyright to content that was snarky and news-related (redundant now)- suggests that this is really about money?and not artistic integrity.
So please let peace reign…stop sabotaging this blog! If you?re a monk throwing your sand mandala in the winds of time, fair enough- but if you?re just holding out for another Big Mac or two- then get off your pedestal and tell us what you want- more money, right??
***Arrggh!! So much for peace in blogosphere?.***

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