Call For ?Voluntary Code of Conduct? For Blogs

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As blogs become more and more popular everywhere around the world, authorities are now expressing a desire to regulate the content that can be found in blogs. This does not really come as a surprise as the Internet has totally altered how people can share and access information. In the days before this kind of freedom of speech and information, the major way of publishing information to the public was the newspaper and other types of printed media. Of course, there were clear and strict guidelines as to what can be printed and how information could be presented.

With the widespread popularity of websites and blogs, things have become more lenient. The fact that anyone with an Internet connection can publish anything he wishes online makes control over content quite difficult. Aside from that, one of the basic premises of blogging is free speech. That is, in theory, anyone and everyone should be allowed to express his or her own ideas without fear of censure from anyone.

The problem is that with blogs, there is really no governing body. In the UK, there is the Press Complaints Commission which governs printed media. If there is a person who has been offended or suffered unfairly because of what has been printed in newspapers and magazines, they can go to this authority for redress. However, there is no such thing for the Internet as of yet.

So what is the government looking for right now? It seems that certain sectors are wishing for a way to regulate blog content as they claim that a large percentage of offensive material are from blogs. Though nothing is definite yet, this seems to be a cause for alarm for the countless bloggers out there.

Blogging is the new way to express one?s self to the world. You can do it for free as there are many free blog hosting services out there. You can avail of professional services to establish a more effective blog as well. It seems that not everyone in the government thinks that it should dabble in controlling blog content. Tim Toulmin, the director of the Press Complaints Commission, states that he opposes the idea of the government being involved in such an endeavor. He believes that the Internet should be a place where ?views should bloom? and that the best way to deal with this is a voluntary code of conduct. What exactly a voluntary code of conduct is and how it could be implemented is not very clear as of yet, however. With over 100,000 new blogs being created everyday and 1.3 million entries posted each day, it seems that there is a lot of work to be done in regulating content ? if, indeed, it should be regulated.
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