Blogjacking The New Concern

Posted by snoop under News, Technical

It seems that online scammers are getting their hands on ?abandoned? blogs these days and using them for their own purposes. Apparently, hackers have been making use of these blogs to re-route traffic to porn sites, spyware, and other scams. However, according to Sean Carlson of Google, there have been some more problems like this with accounts that are still active.

What the hackers do is make use of a ?dictionary program? which they run through the password prompt. By doing so, they get the password at some point. So if your password is something that can be found in the dictionary, your account is at risk. Google?s advice is for bloggers to make use of passwords that are a combination of letters and numbers so that it will be more difficult for hackers to hack into your blogs. Blog hosting services are also making their password protection services more secure now.

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