Blogging Your Way Up The Search Engines

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Anyone who has a blog would know that one of the goals of blogging is to reach as wide an audience as possible. One of the ways by which to achieve this goal is to reach the higher ranks of various search engines. That is why bloggers try to find ways to increase their page rank.

With the new book by Brandon Cornett, bloggers just might have the guide that they have been looking for. Entitled The Triangle System: Blogging Your Way Up The Search Engines, this book presents the strategy that Cornett himself has developed and employed to increase his blog�s search engine ranking.

The author is a long time web publisher and owner of several blogs. His years of experience have resulted in this book which he prefers to be referred to as a training manual rather than a reference book. He states, �It will teach you how to increase your search engine ranking with a three-part publishing system that’s simple enough for anyone to use. That’s what sets it apart.”
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