Blogging Moms

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Though corporate and political blogging seem to have the highest profile these days in the blogosphere, there is another sector which cannot be overlooked. Studies show that moms are one of the most active when it comes to blogging. Similar studies give marketers and manufacturers high hopes � with blogging moms spending about 2 trillion dollars a year, they are definitely worth paying attention to.

There are a significant number of �mom blog� networks in existence today and they are one of the biggest ways in which to spread the word about products and services. According to Debra Aho Williamson of, �Moms are the ultimate Internet networkers.� They talk about products and services on their blogs and keep up a lively discussion. Couple this with their purchasing power, moms are definitely a force worth reckoning with.

As such, mom blogs are getting much attention both from the media and manufacturers as well as service providers.
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