Blogging For A Decade

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Dave Winer has been blogging for 10 years. Though it may be hard for some to imagine that blogging has been around for that long, it is a fact. As such, this guy is considered to be one of the experts when it comes to blogging. His friend, Dan Farber � another veteran blogger � recently released an article on his thoughts about the first 10 decades of blogging.

He states that �Within a decade blogging has became mainstream, by virtue of the fact that bloggers are highly influential in forming public opinions, although not necessarily canonical truths. Every entity, from newspapers and political campaigns to corporate executives and PR pros, has adopted blogging as a communications medium, many from a defensive posture. So-called citizen journalists and notions of participatory journalism are reshaping, in fits and starts, how news is gathered and disseminated.�

Indeed, with all that is happening all over the world today, everyone can�t help but see just how influential blogging has become.
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