Bloggers As Philosophers?

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Browsing blogs bring about as much learning as any other intellectual activity, so some people say. Though this may be a debatable point, it is a fact that one does indeed come across a wide variety of information in the blogosphere. Take this one girl�s blog for example. At ProgressiveU (a blog that �provides a voice for progressive students and other problem solvers using new media channels, allowing people to study and discuss creative solutions to social problems, economic issues, and cultural conflict.�), you will be challenged to see things in a different way.

One poster asserts that today�s bloggers are the philosophers of our age. How so? She states that blogs function much like the �talks� philosophers of the ancient times did by imparting wisdom to the masses. As a testament to this, more blogs are being quoted in various newspapers and other venues of communication. For more of this interesting talk, visit ProgressiveU.
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