Arab World Becomes More Aware of Blogging

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Though blogging has been at the height of popularity in many western countries, it has not experienced such controversy in the Middle East, that is, until now. In fact, many Arab countries are now focusing on bloggers who seem to pose a threat to their governments. In the Arab world, there is even less control over blogging than in the West.

Political blogs are the main target of the governments at present. Take for example the case of Abdel Kareem Nabil, a 22 year old Egyptian. He has been in detention since November of last year. The charges against him include criticizing the Islam government. This is not an isolated case as other Arab countries are starting to apply stringent rules on blogging � much like the same regulations they already apply to traditional media. It seems that bloggers in countries such as Jordan and Saudi Arabia are set to be regulated in a manner much like what happened to Nabil.
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