Another blogger fired for blog post

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A few posts ago, I reported the case of La Petite Anglaise, the France-based English secretary who was suspended from her job as a secretary because of her popular blog.Here is another case of a blogger who has lost her job because of what she has posted on the internet. The blogger, Christine Axsmith a software contractor for the CIA, lost her job a week ago. Axsmith writes a very popular blog that usually delves with top secret security clearances, posted an entry that criticized the US policy on torture. This post was what incurred the ire of the higher ups.

Axsmith writes under the moniker Covert Communications, or CC, and posts on Intelink ? the classified intranet of the intelligence world. She is described as a general blogger in a rarefied domain ? writing anything from terrorism to the food in her cafeteria.

Axsmith?s contentious blog post started when she read a newspaper article regarding the CIA joining the US government in giving Geneva Convention rights to prisoners. In her blog, she said that torture is wrong and that it does not give any kind of benefits or advantages.

She had thought that posting the entry would be acceptable since the official policy has already changed. When it was discovered she though that she would only be either reprimanded for her post or that her blog will be deleted. She was wrong on both counts.

She was thoroughly interrogated, her badge was taken from her and eventually she was fired. Fired for speaking her mind against torture.

What a way to promote the CIA?s reputation.

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