Advertising World Acknowledge Blogs? Power

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Ipsos MORI, a trusted name in market research, recently conducted a poll in Europe regarding the relationship between advertising and blogs. The results were such that they elevated the status of blogs to another level ? at least in the eyes of those who value the power of advertisement. The Ipsos MORI survey showed that more and more people are giving importance to the ads they see in blogs than on TV and e-mails. However, not all of Europe is logged on ? the French are the most ?blog-savvy?, with the Italians coming in second, followed by the Germans, then the Spanish, and then the British. Surprising isn?t it?

Yet what does this survey really mean? As blogs are now considered one of the most trusted sources of information ? second only to newspapers ? companies need to adjust their marketing strategy. They need to realize that people tend to trust other (real) people?s opinions, especially when it comes to purchasing products or services. As such, companies ? at least in Europe ? ought to seriously consider blogs as a venue for marketing and advertising. On the upside, this could save them huge amounts of money on marketing and advertising projects.

The advantages are not exclusive to the companies. Bloggers will now probably see an upsurge in advertising as well as readership. It all depends on how things are handled, though. As of yet, nothing is conclusive. Time will tell how people react to the Ipsos MORI survey results. In the meantime, keep up with your blogs ? you never know, you may be sitting on a field of gold.

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