A New Tool For Bloggers: The Mobile Phone

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Those who do not think that blogging is really at its height should take a closer look into the developments, not only in the blogging world but also in closely related tech sectors. It has long been declared that the mobile phone is one of the most ubiquitous gadgets in modern society. Couple that with a mobile phone designed especially for bloggers, then you can definitely say that blogging is coming of age.

Nokia has released its Nseries devices which target the blogging community. These phones are slim and handy, like most phones, but more than that, these phones allow users to take photos, make videos, play music and upload them immediately to the user?s blog. They are quite nifty, if I may say so. Despite the heavy price tag, the Nokia Nseries phones just might be what bloggers who are always on the go are looking for.

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