Figuring Out The Blogosphere

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Sree Sreenivasan, the dean of students at Columbia Journalism School, gave a talk with the abovementioned title focusing on the current state of the blogosphere over the weekend. His talk was attended by local journalists, freelance writers, editors, and members of public relations agencies.

What did he have to say? He basically highlighted the ease of setting up a blog and emphasized that though there are blogs with very wide audiences, the average blog has limited exposure. He further states that success in blogging lies in having something to say ? in other words, content is the key. More than that, you have to be passionate about what you have to say and build up an audience.

He outlined tips and good practices that a blogger must employ ? whether for personal or business use. He states that the business sector is still not quite sure about blogging although it does have a great potential. Next month, another blogging workshop will be held at the same University.

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