The ROI of Corporate Blogging

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As corporate blogging has become more and more of an accepted practice in the business world, it is ROI is slowly becoming clearer as well. In fact, in the past year, though blogging was already emerging as a powerful tool for many companies, it was the question of the ROI that was holding some entities back. It was just not clear as to how blogging could bring about ROI.

Columnist Paul Gillin, in his article at CIO, states many different benefits and advantages that blogging brings to a business. He says, however, that the ROI is still not as clear as business owners would want it. For smaller companies, the returns are more evident as they are more focused. For the larger companies, however, the returns may be more difficult to measure.

As corporate blogging continues to be at the forefront of the issues, many technological companies are trying to come up with ways to concretely measure the ROI of blogging.
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