MP3 Blogs ? Your Alternative Music Source?

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It has been said many times over that the Internet has revolutionized the way people listen to and acquire music. There is probably not one person in the entire world who would disagree with that. In the beginning it was the peer to peer sharing platforms that were the main players in this area. Now, as more and more people are turning to blogging as a hobby ? and even a profession, shall we say ? the music universe is quickly adapting to this development as well.

MP3 blogs are fast gaining a niche in the blogosphere. A large number of people are starting to discover this new way of sharing music. Not only that, but bands gain more exposure as they get featured in different MP3 blogs.

Lest you mistakenly think that MP3 blogs are merely another venue for piracy, you should know that most of the artists featured in the blogs are up and coming ones. That is, they are mostly unsigned and are trying to get their music noticed by the world. That is not to say that the quality of the music featured in MP3 blogs is not good. In fact, you would be delighted to discover a whole new talent pool through this medium.

The way blogs (in general) are set up, anyone can interact with the owners and readers of the blog. The same thing goes for MP3 blogs. You may add your own insights about different bands and songs. Indeed, listening to and discovering music has never been this interactive.

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