Hollywood Blog Chronicles The Stars

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Celebrity. Who has not ever been enamored by it? We all love to hear about the latest gossip about our favorite movie and TV stars, we love reading about them in newspapers and magazines, we talk about them at the office during our breaks (and sometimes even during actual work hours!). Even the snobs who say that they do not care about these people are closet fans ? just ask them about the most recent bombastic scandal and they can contribute their own two cents.

This fascination with celebrity and with stars is quite evident in the many sources for the latest gossip, news and commentaries that can be had in the various media ? television, print, and now even on the internet.

In fact, the internet ? because of its free flowing and dynamic nature ? has spawned a great number of celebrity related content, from straight news, gossip sites and even fan sites that have been lovingly made by people for their favorite stars.

The blogosphere is also getting in on the action. One particular blog of note is the Hollywood Blog, a part of the growing Bloggy Network family of blogs. Simply put, celebrific.com is an ongoing blog that details the various celebrity related news and gossip. The great thing about this blog is the way it is written. It takes pains not to take itself seriously (after all this are celebrities!) by injecting humor and a healthy dose of good natured sarcasm to its entries. Of special mention are the hilarious word balloons that are inserted into celebrity photographs, that brings both a level of freshness and campiness to what is already very light topics.

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