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Widgets Spice Up Blogs

Blogs are undoubtedly one of the most visited pages on the Internet. Because of this fact, blog owners are continuously finding ways to enhance the �blog experience.� On a second thought, it might be the other way around � continuous enhancement leads to more readers. In any case, one of the most popular elements being […]

Video Blogging Solutions from Sorensen Media

All good things come from the Macworld Expo, so they say. Bloggers, at the very least, will probably agree with this statement as one of the newest blogging tools was revealed in the latest Macworld Expo. With Sorensen Squish and Sorensen Squishnet, Sorensen Media offers bloggers all over the world the ease of including videos […]

A New Tool For Bloggers: The Mobile Phone

Those who do not think that blogging is really at its height should take a closer look into the developments, not only in the blogging world but also in closely related tech sectors. It has long been declared that the mobile phone is one of the most ubiquitous gadgets in modern society. Couple that with […]

Downloading in the Right Places

Downloading has always been one of the more popular activities in the internet. The sad thing is that a lot of sites and applications that offer free downloads often trample on copyrights law or some other internet law. However, there are actually a lot of websites out there that offer premium services and a great […]

Another blogger fired for blog post

A few posts ago, I reported the case of La Petite Anglaise, the France-based English secretary who was suspended from her job as a secretary because of her popular blog.Here is another case of a blogger who has lost her job because of what she has posted on the internet. The blogger, Christine Axsmith a […]

New enterprise-level blogging tool announced

To address the need for a better enterprise level blogging tool, software developer Six Apart, Ltd. recently introduced a new blogging software that has been specifically designed for enterprise level usage.The new application, called Movable Type Enterprise, is being touted to offer an effective way for companies to improve their internal communications as well as […]

Cellphone fanatics have a new blog resource!

When the first cellphones (big, clunky machines with poor reception and pathetic memory and battery life) lumbered into the market, nobody would?ve expected the kind of power they would pack just 15 years later. Today?s models can take a short video, a high resolution-picture, double as a personal digital assistant and are even capable of […]

New Style Master 4.5 CSS editor released

The first CSS Editor Style Master was released way back in 1998. At that time the new technology of Cascading Style Sheets was still quite an obscure piece of software and was barely noticed in the web development industry. At that time, which is still at the infancy of the internet, a lot of things […]

Technical Insights Provided By Bloggy Widgets

The internet is a sinuous, ever changing entity. It has no form, no substance and continually evolves at a pace that is, frankly, mind boggling. The introduction of new technologies and new technical procedures happen at a pace that is unmatched in any other industry or media entity. Not only this, the newly introduced technologies […]

Bloggy Pro: A Great Resource for Pro Bloggers

Blogging has really taken the internet by storm. Almost all internet users are blogging to their hearts? content. In fact, blogging can be seen as getting the level of popularity and user acceptance comparable to the advent of e-mail. Remember the first time, e-mails started appearing? It was like a snowball effect to see a […]