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Blogsense over Adsense

The problem with people when it comes to taking up blogging these days is the fact that they are after the figures and not the sense and the juice that is usually awaited by most people. While it is true that there are affordable search engine optimization practices by organizations such as the Los Angeles […]

Blog for Attention Over Money

Everyone in the world can create a blog but it takes the experts to know what to blog. Making good and optimizing blogs through affordable search engine optimzation are main attractions that bring in the people so that they can read any blog site and mark it as one of their main source for various […]

Downloading in the Right Places

Downloading has always been one of the more popular activities in the internet. The sad thing is that a lot of sites and applications that offer free downloads often trample on copyrights law or some other internet law. However, there are actually a lot of websites out there that offer premium services and a great […]

Bloggers Still Using Forums To Interact

Blogging has taken the internet by storm. More and more blogs are cropping up each day. Most of the blogs cropping up though are lacking in creativity or even worse, substance. People who are serious about blogging though and are determined to write blogs that will be read by someone other than a little circle […]

Cellphone fanatics have a new blog resource!

When the first cellphones (big, clunky machines with poor reception and pathetic memory and battery life) lumbered into the market, nobody would?ve expected the kind of power they would pack just 15 years later. Today?s models can take a short video, a high resolution-picture, double as a personal digital assistant and are even capable of […]

Technical Insights Provided By Bloggy Widgets

The internet is a sinuous, ever changing entity. It has no form, no substance and continually evolves at a pace that is, frankly, mind boggling. The introduction of new technologies and new technical procedures happen at a pace that is unmatched in any other industry or media entity. Not only this, the newly introduced technologies […]

Bloggy Pro: A Great Resource for Pro Bloggers

Blogging has really taken the internet by storm. Almost all internet users are blogging to their hearts? content. In fact, blogging can be seen as getting the level of popularity and user acceptance comparable to the advent of e-mail. Remember the first time, e-mails started appearing? It was like a snowball effect to see a […]

Welcome To Bloggy News!

Welcome to Bloggy News, the latest addition to the ever expanding and prestigious Bloggy Network of sites. So much is changing in Blogosphere on a daily basis and we want you, our community, to be up to date with the very latest- so that you don’t miss out!! Last week, sold for in excess […]