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Hackers Attack

Google�s blogging site has been the victim of a wave of attacks from hackers recently. IT security company Fortinet carried out a study which showed that is vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. Based on their research, they have discovered that hundreds of blog pages contain malicious scripts and that there were even cases of […]


Another development in the world of blogging has come up as VOIP5000 Inc. introduces a new product called Call2Blog. This blogging tool is designed to allow blog users to post audio recordings to their blogs where ever they may be. As blogging continues to be on the rise, companies have been looking for ways to […]

Lotus Notes for Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging seems to be making the news these days. The upcoming corporate blogging conference in Chicago is a testament to the acceptance this type of blogging is gaining. There are now various software packages for corporate blogging available in the market. The computer giant IBM is releasing a brand new version of their Lotus […]

Voice-to-Text Blogging Service

As more people are getting into blogging, more and more companies are trying to customize their services so as to cater to specific needs. The “traditional” way people blog is to log on to the Internet using their computers and type their blog entries away. In the recent months, other ways of blogging have cropped […]

Blogjacking The New Concern

It seems that online scammers are getting their hands on ?abandoned? blogs these days and using them for their own purposes. Apparently, hackers have been making use of these blogs to re-route traffic to porn sites, spyware, and other scams. However, according to Sean Carlson of Google, there have been some more problems like this […]

Video Blogging Solutions from Sorensen Media

All good things come from the Macworld Expo, so they say. Bloggers, at the very least, will probably agree with this statement as one of the newest blogging tools was revealed in the latest Macworld Expo. With Sorensen Squish and Sorensen Squishnet, Sorensen Media offers bloggers all over the world the ease of including videos […]

A New Tool For Bloggers: The Mobile Phone

Those who do not think that blogging is really at its height should take a closer look into the developments, not only in the blogging world but also in closely related tech sectors. It has long been declared that the mobile phone is one of the most ubiquitous gadgets in modern society. Couple that with […]

Internet Security Threats an Evolving Problem

The internet is one great place to garner, exchange, and disseminate information. As an information portal the internet, however, often subjects its users to threats of all kinds like the theft and illegal use of personal information, malicious attacks by computer viruses that affects peoples’ systems, and much more. Security systems developers are doing their […]

New enterprise-level blogging tool announced

To address the need for a better enterprise level blogging tool, software developer Six Apart, Ltd. recently introduced a new blogging software that has been specifically designed for enterprise level usage.The new application, called Movable Type Enterprise, is being touted to offer an effective way for companies to improve their internal communications as well as […]

Cellphone fanatics have a new blog resource!

When the first cellphones (big, clunky machines with poor reception and pathetic memory and battery life) lumbered into the market, nobody would?ve expected the kind of power they would pack just 15 years later. Today?s models can take a short video, a high resolution-picture, double as a personal digital assistant and are even capable of […]