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Giving Blogs A Bad Name

There have been many controversial issues surrounding blogs. Despite the popularity of blogging across various sectors, there are always little � or not so little � things that have brought about negative publicity for the blogosphere. Late last year, Sony was busted with its fake PSP blog. You would think that other people have learned […]

Blogsense over Adsense

The problem with people when it comes to taking up blogging these days is the fact that they are after the figures and not the sense and the juice that is usually awaited by most people. While it is true that there are affordable search engine optimization practices by organizations such as the Los Angeles […]

Blog for Attention Over Money

Everyone in the world can create a blog but it takes the experts to know what to blog. Making good and optimizing blogs through affordable search engine optimzation are main attractions that bring in the people so that they can read any blog site and mark it as one of their main source for various […]

Blogging Your Way Up The Search Engines

Anyone who has a blog would know that one of the goals of blogging is to reach as wide an audience as possible. One of the ways by which to achieve this goal is to reach the higher ranks of various search engines. That is why bloggers try to find ways to increase their page […]

Microsoft and Yahoo Blog Indexing Poor

Indexing web pages is one important factor in search engine optimization. People want to be on the top of indexed pages so as to gain more traffic to their sites. Blog owners are no different. Properly indexed, a blog will come out at the top of search results and attract more people as readers, theoretically […]


The Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of man’s life. Ever since this technology was introduced and became widely available to the public, the way of doing things also evolved. The business sector has not escaped the influences of the Internet. As a matter of fact, it is one of the sectors that experienced ? […]

Welcome To Bloggy News!

Welcome to Bloggy News, the latest addition to the ever expanding and prestigious Bloggy Network of sites. So much is changing in Blogosphere on a daily basis and we want you, our community, to be up to date with the very latest- so that you don’t miss out!! Last week, sold for in excess […]