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Blogsense over Adsense

The problem with people when it comes to taking up blogging these days is the fact that they are after the figures and not the sense and the juice that is usually awaited by most people. While it is true that there are affordable search engine optimization practices by organizations such as the Los Angeles […]

Blog for Attention Over Money

Everyone in the world can create a blog but it takes the experts to know what to blog. Making good and optimizing blogs through affordable search engine optimzation are main attractions that bring in the people so that they can read any blog site and mark it as one of their main source for various […]

Motorola Loves Blogging

With the surge in mobile phone usage all over the world, various manufacturers have been increasingly aggressive in their marketing campaigns. New models crop up every few months with more features and capabilities. Some have even formed partnerships with various designer brands so as to sell high priced units. Now, blogging has become part and […]

Blogging Your Way Up The Search Engines

Anyone who has a blog would know that one of the goals of blogging is to reach as wide an audience as possible. One of the ways by which to achieve this goal is to reach the higher ranks of various search engines. That is why bloggers try to find ways to increase their page […]

Hackers Attack

Google�s blogging site has been the victim of a wave of attacks from hackers recently. IT security company Fortinet carried out a study which showed that is vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. Based on their research, they have discovered that hundreds of blog pages contain malicious scripts and that there were even cases of […]

Blogging For A Decade

Dave Winer has been blogging for 10 years. Though it may be hard for some to imagine that blogging has been around for that long, it is a fact. As such, this guy is considered to be one of the experts when it comes to blogging. His friend, Dan Farber � another veteran blogger � […]


Another development in the world of blogging has come up as VOIP5000 Inc. introduces a new product called Call2Blog. This blogging tool is designed to allow blog users to post audio recordings to their blogs where ever they may be. As blogging continues to be on the rise, companies have been looking for ways to […]

Philippine Blog Awards

Who would have ever thought that blogging would become this big in the Philippines? This little archipelago in Southeast Asia is catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to this aspect of technology, so it seems. Filipinos are a people who have always been open to information and interaction with each […]

UK Nature Lovers Take Up Blogging

Another form of blogging is taking the UK by storm. Dubbed outdoor blogging, this emerging blog type focuses on nature. Taking advantage of the ease and convenience of starting up a blog, proponents of outdoor blogging made their presence felt only recently. Starting with very few people, the UK Outdoors Blogger group has considerably grown. […]

DAs Blogging Create A Stir

With all sorts of blogs coming out into the open, there is a new type of blog that is currently causing some mixed reactions. In San Francisco, California, it seems that several prosecutors are blogging and more than one eyebrow has been raised. In truth, this kind of blog may fall under political blogging, perhaps. […]