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Figuring Out The Blogosphere

Sree Sreenivasan, the dean of students at Columbia Journalism School, gave a talk with the abovementioned title focusing on the current state of the blogosphere over the weekend. His talk was attended by local journalists, freelance writers, editors, and members of public relations agencies. What did he have to say? He basically highlighted the ease […]

Bloggers As Philosophers?

Browsing blogs bring about as much learning as any other intellectual activity, so some people say. Though this may be a debatable point, it is a fact that one does indeed come across a wide variety of information in the blogosphere. Take this one girl�s blog for example. At ProgressiveU (a blog that �provides a […]

Widgets Spice Up Blogs

Blogs are undoubtedly one of the most visited pages on the Internet. Because of this fact, blog owners are continuously finding ways to enhance the �blog experience.� On a second thought, it might be the other way around � continuous enhancement leads to more readers. In any case, one of the most popular elements being […]

Arab World Becomes More Aware of Blogging

Though blogging has been at the height of popularity in many western countries, it has not experienced such controversy in the Middle East, that is, until now. In fact, many Arab countries are now focusing on bloggers who seem to pose a threat to their governments. In the Arab world, there is even less control […]

Blogging Moms

Though corporate and political blogging seem to have the highest profile these days in the blogosphere, there is another sector which cannot be overlooked. Studies show that moms are one of the most active when it comes to blogging. Similar studies give marketers and manufacturers high hopes � with blogging moms spending about 2 trillion […]

Japanese Read Blogs Most

A study conducted by Edelman, Japan?s leading international PR consultancy firm, showed that Japanese are the leaders when it comes to reading blogs. This is compared to people from other countries such as the US, South Korea, the UK, and France. The study took into consideration 1,000 Japanese hand in hand with studies in the […]

Death of the Diary Due To Blogging

Some of the greatest works of literature today are the diaries of real people who lived real lives. Who has not read about the experiences of Anne Frank, Samuel Pepys, and Captain Scott? Their writings have all been a source of insight and inspiration to countless people across generations. Yet as technology encompasses more and […]

Group Audio Blogging

How would you like to be able to use audio to annotate your blog posts? More than that, how would you like to be able to use group conversations on your blog posts? That is what Voicethread wants to happen with the introduction of the Group Audio Blogging, software designed for the very purpose of […]

Giving Blogs A Bad Name

There have been many controversial issues surrounding blogs. Despite the popularity of blogging across various sectors, there are always little � or not so little � things that have brought about negative publicity for the blogosphere. Late last year, Sony was busted with its fake PSP blog. You would think that other people have learned […]


Are you one of those who do realize the value of blogging but just cannot find the time and resources to maintain a full blog? How many times have you tried to start one up only to leave it alone due to other responsibilities? Well a full service marketing, public relations, and ghostwriting company might […]