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Blogging Moms

Though corporate and political blogging seem to have the highest profile these days in the blogosphere, there is another sector which cannot be overlooked. Studies show that moms are one of the most active when it comes to blogging. Similar studies give marketers and manufacturers high hopes � with blogging moms spending about 2 trillion […]


Are you one of those who do realize the value of blogging but just cannot find the time and resources to maintain a full blog? How many times have you tried to start one up only to leave it alone due to other responsibilities? Well a full service marketing, public relations, and ghostwriting company might […]

The ROI of Corporate Blogging

As corporate blogging has become more and more of an accepted practice in the business world, it is ROI is slowly becoming clearer as well. In fact, in the past year, though blogging was already emerging as a powerful tool for many companies, it was the question of the ROI that was holding some entities […]

Blogsense over Adsense

The problem with people when it comes to taking up blogging these days is the fact that they are after the figures and not the sense and the juice that is usually awaited by most people. While it is true that there are affordable search engine optimization practices by organizations such as the Los Angeles […]

Blog for Attention Over Money

Everyone in the world can create a blog but it takes the experts to know what to blog. Making good and optimizing blogs through affordable search engine optimzation are main attractions that bring in the people so that they can read any blog site and mark it as one of their main source for various […]

Help for Bloggers at Hand

Blogs have indeed come a long way from the personal journals that we used to see in the early days. Now, more than being venues of personal thoughts and ideas, blogs have become a tool that can be used in a variety of different ways. As a matter of fact, blogs have become so effective […]

Advertising World Acknowledge Blogs? Power

Ipsos MORI, a trusted name in market research, recently conducted a poll in Europe regarding the relationship between advertising and blogs. The results were such that they elevated the status of blogs to another level ? at least in the eyes of those who value the power of advertisement. The Ipsos MORI survey showed that […]

Business Blog To Share Secrets for Success

It doesn?t take a rocket scientist to figure out that businesses ? especially those using the Internet as a venue ? are on a boom. Business models have quickly evolved to incorporate the Internet as a means of conducting transactions. In fact, some experts have been as bold as to say that perhaps, the […]

Successful Blogging With Bloggy

What has been termed the ?blogging explosion? is definitely what?s happening in the blogosphere these days. In the past, blogs were more limited to personal journals and diaries ? the kind that was limited to the writing down of personal thoughts and activities. Today, business entities have recognized the value of blogs as an advertising […]


The Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of man’s life. Ever since this technology was introduced and became widely available to the public, the way of doing things also evolved. The business sector has not escaped the influences of the Internet. As a matter of fact, it is one of the sectors that experienced ? […]