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Blog Network Watch Now Part of Splashpress Media

When before we talked about The Bloggy Network, from this point on, we are going to be talking about Splashpress Media. The latter is now the new entity managing our network of blogs. Late last year, Splashpress Media made quite a splash (no pun intended) in the blogosphere when it bought The Blog Herald. Though […]

Bloggy Picks Up Another Buzzing Blog

The Bloggy Network picked up an interesting blog last weekend at sitepoint. Quoting from the auction: Buzzword Hell was a blog I started whose mission was to condemn all the buzzwords that floated around our industry. It’s a blog with a very unique system in that it “condemns” buzzwords to the circles of hell from […]

Bloggy Retracts Its Allegations Against Krug

Bloggy News recently reported the attack of Bloggy Network against David Krug, the self-acclaimed Liberal Cowboy. In a remarkable turnaround, chief exec. Mark Saunders, posted a retraction of these allegations on the JOAB blog. As follows-: Sometimes I feel like a right idiot….and this is such a time. I forgot to mention two other characteristics […]

Now Bloggy Attacks The Celebrity Cowboy

Now the Bloggy Network has turned its wrath on Mr David Krug, the liberal cowboy with an extremely personal attack in Jack Of All Blogs. Bloggy News gives it to you in full-: I guess one of the things that seduced me into buying this blog was all this cowboy stuff. Not that any of […]

Bloggy Network Buys Man Utd Blog

In its drive for expansion in the acquisition of high-profile, prestigious blogs- the Bloggy Network has now bought, for an undisclosed sum, the official Manchester United Blog. The Man Utd Blog has been leaving all other MU related blogs in its wake over the last year with its religious updates and complete bias for the […]