Feminism is a Good Thing, and F-Bombs are Unnecessary

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Making the rounds on the internet lately is a video titled “Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism” (scroll down for the video). Produced by FCKH8.com, it features elementary school-aged girls dressed in the expected “Princess” costumes- and speaking decidedly unexpected words. Their message? That hearing little girls saying the f-word shouldn’t be more offensive than the issues of gender pay inequality, stereotypes, and rape. The video has gone viral, sparking heated online arguments on social media.

Its detractors believe that, while the message may be timely, its use of children is unacceptable. Spiked Online has called it exploitation, questioning the video’s very objectives, and disputing the “facts” the video presents:

But these facts from the mouths of babes are, in reality, fantasies from the minds of adults. Take the video’s assertion that one in five women are raped or sexually assaulted. This is simply not true. This figure is based on the 2007 Campus Sexual Assault survey, a web-based study assessing sexual assault on two US campuses – and it has been debunked by many, including Christina Hoff Sommers in her own YouTube show, Factual Feminist. Or take the gender pay gap: women do not get paid 23 per cent less than men in the same job.

Make no mistake about it: women’s issues are very real. Pay inequality exists, though it may not be as bad as the video would have you believe. Rape and sexual assault is a problem everywhere in the world and has been going on for years, as is evidenced by the wartime comfort women in Vietnam and South Korea, who, shockingly, are only beginning to tell their stories.

No, we don’t agree with using children this way- or that the video is apparently a way to sell more t-shirts. But we do appreciate that the video has made many people think about women’s issues.

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