Ad blogs get into trouble

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Blogging is such a new phenomenon that the process of blogging itself is being utilized in many different ways as a way of exploring what kind of new uses blogging can recruited for. Recently, one of the new uses that have been thought up for blogging is in the world of advertising. Blogging has been seen a a new method to advertise products and services on the internet. But recently, one of the more recognized companies that deal with blogging advertising has been getting into a lot of trouble.Payperpost has actually started a controversy recently because of its offer of paying bloggers who are willing to write about specific topics as a form of advertising.

Payperpost is a new company that entices bloggers to write pieces that promote the products or services of its advertisers in exchange for a ?writers? fee?. When a blogger has posted his piece he can be paid from 5 to 10 dollars for each post. The interface of payperpost facilitates easier transactions.

The controversy really revolves around the fact that there are some people who think that the world of blogs should be made free of advertising. There are even people who are actually complaining about the advertising revenue that is being earned by Firefox on the Google referrals.

But supporters of the move are saying that earning money by writing is not a bad practice ? something that can be said to be what probloggers are doing. There is a legitimate exchange of goods here, supporters said. Writing services in exchange for a finished product. They also contend that as long as ads are properly disclosed as such and its intentions not hidden then there should not be any problem.

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