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DAs Blogging Create A Stir

With all sorts of blogs coming out into the open, there is a new type of blog that is currently causing some mixed reactions. In San Francisco, California, it seems that several prosecutors are blogging and more than one eyebrow has been raised. In truth, this kind of blog may fall under political blogging, perhaps. […]

Lotus Notes for Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging seems to be making the news these days. The upcoming corporate blogging conference in Chicago is a testament to the acceptance this type of blogging is gaining. There are now various software packages for corporate blogging available in the market. The computer giant IBM is releasing a brand new version of their Lotus […]

Best of Brit Blog Awards

With the huge number of blogs out there, how would you know which blogs are worth your time? Just like the movie and TV industry which award worthy films and shows, the denizens of the blogosphere are now clamoring for the recognition of the best blogs there are. There are different entities and organizations that […]

Corporate Blogging Conference

Come the month of April, another important event for the world of blogging will be held. A corporate blogging conference involving all industries has been organized by Business Capital Edge will be held in Chicago from April 5 to April 6. Dubbed Social Media 2007, this event will be focusing on corporate blogging and podcasting. […]

A Call For Corporate Blogging in the UK

Though corporate and business blogging has relatively been popular in the United States, not all developed countries have joined the bandwagon – yet. In the UK, it seems that more businesses are to engage in this activity in the months to come. With a consultancy firm urging on businesses to start blogging, corporate blogging in […]

Voice-to-Text Blogging Service

As more people are getting into blogging, more and more companies are trying to customize their services so as to cater to specific needs. The “traditional” way people blog is to log on to the Internet using their computers and type their blog entries away. In the recent months, other ways of blogging have cropped […]

BlogWorld & New Media Expo

As the second month of the year goes well underway, more and more positive things are happening in the world of blogging. Though there were some negative predictions late last year, it seems that things are taking on a better note. One activity that serves as a testament to this conjecture is the upcoming BlogWorld […]

Microsoft and Yahoo Blog Indexing Poor

Indexing web pages is one important factor in search engine optimization. People want to be on the top of indexed pages so as to gain more traffic to their sites. Blog owners are no different. Properly indexed, a blog will come out at the top of search results and attract more people as readers, theoretically […]

Book Investigates the Blogosphere

Dr. Michael Keren, a Canadian researcher, is launching his book called Blogosphere ? The New Political Arena. The fact that books are now being written of the blogosphere is a testament to how it has impacted modern society. In this book, however, there isn?t much good that is said about the blogosphere and blogging in […]

Scientific Blogging Goes Beta

Another development in the blogosphere adds credibility and importance to the whole idea of blogging. With the beta testing of an online community that will bring together world-class scientists from universities as well as private sectors, the concept of blogging as a venue for sharing information is strengthened. A society that has solid foundations on […]