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WordPress Hailed As One Of the Best

PC World, one of the leading magazines in technology has recently conducted a study on the best blogging platforms in existence. The criteria they used included ease of setting up a new blog, the ease of using available tools, the quality of provided templates as well as the ease of customizing them. More specifically, they […]

Blogjacking The New Concern

It seems that online scammers are getting their hands on ?abandoned? blogs these days and using them for their own purposes. Apparently, hackers have been making use of these blogs to re-route traffic to porn sites, spyware, and other scams. However, according to Sean Carlson of Google, there have been some more problems like this […]

Whitepaper of ROI of Blogging Published

As blogging continues to be one of the major sources of information in today?s Information Society, businesses have tried dabbling in the blogosphere. We?ve heard of CEOs of conglomerates blogging, employees of giant software companies blogging ? everyone, in fact, is blogging! Yet it seemed that there weren?t conclusive studies indicating just how blogging can […]

WordPress as CMS

WordPress is quite widely known to denizens of the online community as a free blogging tool, with its roots firmly based on open-source concepts. As with many other technologies, new concepts and uses for WordPress have cropped up ? from the very people who make use of it ? making it all the more useful […]

Malaysian Bloggers Face Lawsuit

In an act which could change the face of the Malaysian blogosphere, a mainstream Malaysian newspaper has filed lawsuits against two bloggers. New Straits Times, an English newspaper has sued Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin Attan for posting some content in their political blogs that, in the newspaper?s opinion constituted defamation. Members of the blogosphere ? […]

No Blogging Bill for the US

Bloggers ? most especially political bloggers ? must be heaving a great sigh of relief right now as news about the proposed blogging bill being shot down is being released all over the web. The bill originally proposed that some political bloggers have to register as lobbyist. It is either that or they have to […]

Boredom and Exhaustion Hit Bloggers

Though numbers indicate the continuous rise of the blogging population, there are some indicators coming out that seem to foretell the impending doom of blogging. At least that is how some people see it. Feature write ups on the life span and the long term status of blogs point to one thing ? bloggers cannot […]

Video Blogging Solutions from Sorensen Media

All good things come from the Macworld Expo, so they say. Bloggers, at the very least, will probably agree with this statement as one of the newest blogging tools was revealed in the latest Macworld Expo. With Sorensen Squish and Sorensen Squishnet, Sorensen Media offers bloggers all over the world the ease of including videos […]

Liveblogging Used to Cover Macworld Keynote Conference

Undoubtably, the Macworld Keynote Conference is one of the most highly anticipated events in the tech world today. Journalists from all over the world would give anything to cover this event. Traditionally, the news was released after the conference. This year, however, live blogging came out as the leading means of covering this momentous occasion. […]

20 Million Bloggers in China

Whoever said that blogging was on its way out is probably eating his words right now. Word has it that the Chinese blogosphere has reached the 20 million population mark. It is perhaps not such a big surprise as China is the most populous country in the world. Despite the heavy restrictions imposed on the […]