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Blog Offers Job Opportunities

The status of economies worldwide has not been all that great in the past year. Ask anyone who didn?t have a job and spent a long and hard time looking for one. Yet if you are tech savvy and have the passion to work with all things IT, the Bloggy Network may have what you […]

Philosophize Your Way Through Blogging

Which came first, the egg or the chicken? Questions of a similar but perhaps more serious nature are what drive some people. Some say that thinkers are what bring about change and enlightenment around them. For the philosophy buffs out there, the Bloggy Network has something to offer you ? the philosophy blog. Now you […]

The Future of Blogging According to Gartner

In report released about 2 weeks ago, Gartner analysts predicted that the total number of bloggers worldwide will peak in mid 2007 and then slowly decline. The prediction was based this on several factors, including the current growth of blogs according to Technorati and the average life span of a blog. Gartner is a research […]

WSJ Attacks Blogs

With what?s happening in the blogosphere lately, it would really seem that whenever there?s a good thing, it would attract attention ? both good and bad. The latest to speak their minds about blogs is the staff over at Wall Street Journal. As countless blogs are set up everyday and the readership of blogs in […]

Windows Live Beta Writer ? The Tool For Bloggers

As the year 2006 comes to a close, the blogosphere continues to be in a frenzy. Indeed, blogging has made leaps and bounds in the past year alone. In terms of bloggers, readers, and technology, blogging has experienced a lot of changes this year. Yet as the clich? goes, it ain?t over till the fat […]

Sony Closes Down Fake PSP Blog

With all the hullabaloo that Sony caused with its fake PSP Blog last week, it has done the only thing it could do ? close it down. The blog,, was supposed to be created by a PSP-crazed youngster who merely wanted his friend?s parents to buy him a PSP for Christmas. Aside from thinking […]

Santa Reaching Out Through His Blog

Whoever thought it would come to this? Now even Father Christmas has his own means of communicating to everyone around the world. Through his blog ? or one of his blogs – Santa?s Workshop, anyone with an Internet connection can now hear it (or rather read and watch it) straight from the horse?s mouth. To […]

School For Bloggers?

As if calls for regulation were not enough, some sectors are now calling for bloggers to be more professional. According to Robert Cox of Media Bloggers Association, he wants to bring in professionalism to the blogosphere. Just how does want this done? Nothing is set in stone as of yet but part of the plan […]

?Fake? Blog Gives Blogging a Bad Name

With all the flak that blogging is getting these days, this latest fuss created by no less than one of the biggest names in the tech industry could not have come at a worse time. The news is all over the web ? Sony had a ?fake? blog set up to help bolster its sales […]

John McCain: Regulate Blogs

The ?blog regulation wave? has reached US shores. Senator John McCain?s proposal, entitled Stop the Online Exploitation of Our Children Act, requires websites and blogs to report illegal images or videos posted by users and even pay hefty fines. If the act comes into law, fines can reach up to $300,000! In his speech last […]