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Call For ?Voluntary Code of Conduct? For Blogs

As blogs become more and more popular everywhere around the world, authorities are now expressing a desire to regulate the content that can be found in blogs. This does not really come as a surprise as the Internet has totally altered how people can share and access information. In the days before this kind of […]

Bloggers Go Ga-ga Over Gadgets

The rapid developments in technology bring with it a lot of different consequences. People?s lives are thoroughly changed as we take things (that used to be science fiction material in the past) for granted. Some say that the Internet is perhaps one of the most revolutionary technological inventions ? that is, it has changed people?s […]

Help for Bloggers at Hand

Blogs have indeed come a long way from the personal journals that we used to see in the early days. Now, more than being venues of personal thoughts and ideas, blogs have become a tool that can be used in a variety of different ways. As a matter of fact, blogs have become so effective […]

Bloggy Network Gives A Taste of Everything English

Of the countless different cultures that exist around the world, there are certain ones that hold a special allure to a majority of people. It may be a relative attraction, as in general, those in the West are drawn to the Eastern cultures while those in the East find themselves intrigued by the West. Yet […]

MP3 Blogs ? Your Alternative Music Source?

It has been said many times over that the Internet has revolutionized the way people listen to and acquire music. There is probably not one person in the entire world who would disagree with that. In the beginning it was the peer to peer sharing platforms that were the main players in this area. Now, […]

Legal Advertising and Law Blogs

How does one determine the fine line between a personal blog and advertising for your own purposes? This is the question which is being asked right now as personal blog?s owned by lawyers are being scrutinized by ethics monitors in several states in the United States. Personal journals by lawyers, or ?blawgs? as their owners […]

Bloggy Acquires Biziki

While new blogs are popping up all over the web, there are existing blogs that, while not necessarily insignificant, are not getting the attention that they deserve. This could be due to several factors, one of which could be the fact that its advertising strategy may not be as efficient as it could be. That […]

Reuters Dips Into the Blogosphere

As an additional testament to the rising importance of blogs, Reuters announced that it will now provide blog content as part of its news and information service. Together with Pluck ? Corporation?s BlogBurst ?, the world?s leading source of news will provide its readers with the most relevant and up to date content from thousands […]

Advertising World Acknowledge Blogs? Power

Ipsos MORI, a trusted name in market research, recently conducted a poll in Europe regarding the relationship between advertising and blogs. The results were such that they elevated the status of blogs to another level ? at least in the eyes of those who value the power of advertisement. The Ipsos MORI survey showed that […]

The Best Blogs In One List

Our society is one in which the best and extraordinary is always picked out and lavished attention on. We seem to thrive on ranking things, people, activities ? anything! As children, we looked forward to the end of the school year to see whether we made it to the honor roll. Teenagers do the same. […]