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Interesting News in a Nutshell

You have to admit, one of the drawbacks of the Information Age is that we simply have too much information on our hands. Information overload has never been this much of a reality. With the Internet as the main medium from which a lot of people get information, sometimes the problem is how to sort […]

Giving Back To The World By Blogging

One of the best traits of humans is our ability and our desire to be able to help others. It seems that it is innate in our nature to want to give something back to the community. This is true despite the fact that the economic situation in many places is not ideal. Nowadays, you […]

Celebrity Chefs Blog Cooking Up A Storm!

Have you watched any TV lately? Chances are that you would have seen a cornucopia of shows relating to cooking. Even famous people are trying out their thing at this age old activity! Gone are the days when only certified chefs had their own cooking shows. Now, celebrities are pitching in their 2 cents worth […]

Bloggy Picks Up Another Buzzing Blog

The Bloggy Network picked up an interesting blog last weekend at sitepoint. Quoting from the auction: Buzzword Hell was a blog I started whose mission was to condemn all the buzzwords that floated around our industry. It’s a blog with a very unique system in that it “condemns” buzzwords to the circles of hell from […]

Internet Security Threats an Evolving Problem

The internet is one great place to garner, exchange, and disseminate information. As an information portal the internet, however, often subjects its users to threats of all kinds like the theft and illegal use of personal information, malicious attacks by computer viruses that affects peoples’ systems, and much more. Security systems developers are doing their […]

Travel Bug Going Around

Ever since the dawn of time, people have had the urge to travel and discover the unknown. This curiosity hasn?t lessened a bit in the 21st century. It is quite the opposite in fact. As the trend towards globalization emerged in the 1990s, so has travel become easier and more convenient. With the technological advances […]

Crazy About Japan

People around the world are fascinated with Japan and its people. This is not very surprising since Japan is a country with a very rich and complex culture and has much to boast about. Japan is a great place to visit and tourists will find much to visit and experience in Japan. Tourists might be […]

The Phenomenon Of Blogging Tutorials

You would think that in this day and age, majority of the world’s population would have working knowledge about blogging. Surprisingly enough, even in the Age of Information and with the widespread use of the Internet all over the world, there is a large number of people who are new to blogging and actually want […]

Downloading in the Right Places

Downloading has always been one of the more popular activities in the internet. The sad thing is that a lot of sites and applications that offer free downloads often trample on copyrights law or some other internet law. However, there are actually a lot of websites out there that offer premium services and a great […]


The Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of man’s life. Ever since this technology was introduced and became widely available to the public, the way of doing things also evolved. The business sector has not escaped the influences of the Internet. As a matter of fact, it is one of the sectors that experienced ? […]