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Blog Censorship In Singapore

In a clear message of solidarity among the blogging community in Singapore, the supporters of an embattled local blogger have gathered in one of the country?s subway stations in order to stage a silent protest. The supporters were against the suspension of the blogger?s weekly newspaper column after the Singaporean government issued criticisms on his […]

Blogs As Company Communication Tools

In a fast moving world in a society that is so intent and focused on things that only involve their own limited circle of influence, it is becoming harder and harder to connect with other people. I guess that with the onward movement of technology one thing that our society has sacrificed is the ability […]

New Style Master 4.5 CSS editor released

The first CSS Editor Style Master was released way back in 1998. At that time the new technology of Cascading Style Sheets was still quite an obscure piece of software and was barely noticed in the web development industry. At that time, which is still at the infancy of the internet, a lot of things […]

Japan now has 8.68 million bloggers

Japan is a country that is at the very forefront of technology. Most of the new fangled technological gizmos and marvels that we see are often developed in Japan or becomes a hit in Japan first. For example, the dominance in the video game sector is widely believed to be held by Japan. Not only […]

Ad blogs get into trouble

Blogging is such a new phenomenon that the process of blogging itself is being utilized in many different ways as a way of exploring what kind of new uses blogging can recruited for. Recently, one of the new uses that have been thought up for blogging is in the world of advertising. Blogging has been […]