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Controversy Rages Over Bloggy Purchase Of JOAB. Part 2

As we published verbatim the so-called “evidence” by Dan Zarrella in his claim against David Krug of in full, it only seems fair to publish the reponse by Mr Krug in full as well at his liberal cowboy blog. So here it is-: So there?s controversy brewing around the sale of JOAB again. Not […]

Controversy Rages Over Bloggy Purchase Of JOAB. Part 1

Controversy is raging over Bloggy Network’s purchase of the infamous Jack Of All Blogs site. It has made the top story in places like Blog Network Watch and The Blogging Times. Here is the version of events as according to the complaintant, Dan Zarrella, of Boston Web Properties, quoted verbatim from an IM conversation-: 5/29 […]

Bloggy Network Acquires Jack Of All Blogs

Just like any form of media, the blogosphere can be seen as following the same rules and tactics of the more traditional forms of media. That is, the more popular blogs have a way of giving off more benefits to a general site because of the web traffic and prestige that it brings. Thus, it […]

Celebrity Chef Blog Launched!

The culinary world has its own unique allure that entices even the most health conscious to try and partake (or even just taste) creations that are just nothing short of divine. It is a known fact that people love to eat. The proliferation of different types of restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisine […]

Blogger writes about Nano as a weapon

One of the most ubiquitous ? if not THE most ubiquitous ? piece of high tech electronics is the Apple iPod. This piece of gadgetry has permeated all levels of society and has become a new addition to our world culture. The brand itself has not only transformed Apple into THE brand of the millennium, […]

Welcome To Bloggy News!

Welcome to Bloggy News, the latest addition to the ever expanding and prestigious Bloggy Network of sites. So much is changing in Blogosphere on a daily basis and we want you, our community, to be up to date with the very latest- so that you don’t miss out!! Last week, sold for in excess […]