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Technical Insights Provided By Bloggy Widgets

The internet is a sinuous, ever changing entity. It has no form, no substance and continually evolves at a pace that is, frankly, mind boggling. The introduction of new technologies and new technical procedures happen at a pace that is unmatched in any other industry or media entity. Not only this, the newly introduced technologies […]

Long Live The Geeks: Bloggy Network Opens Geek Blog

For the longest time, geeks have been considered as social outcasts who only have their brains going for them. They inept when it comes to interactions, are not snappy dressers, bad with girls (or boys of they are girls), and have the strangest hobbies and interests. The geeks in high school are a subject of […]

News Blog Writing About Living The High Life

No one can ever claim that they have not ever dreamt about living a lavish and luxurious life at some point in their life. I?m pretty sure that even Marxists and the most hard-core socialist have thought about jetting to Europe and spend a weekend of their posh Swiss chalet, party with celebrities and slinky […]

Bloggy Pro: A Great Resource for Pro Bloggers

Blogging has really taken the internet by storm. Almost all internet users are blogging to their hearts? content. In fact, blogging can be seen as getting the level of popularity and user acceptance comparable to the advent of e-mail. Remember the first time, e-mails started appearing? It was like a snowball effect to see a […]

Hollywood Blog Chronicles The Stars

Celebrity. Who has not ever been enamored by it? We all love to hear about the latest gossip about our favorite movie and TV stars, we love reading about them in newspapers and magazines, we talk about them at the office during our breaks (and sometimes even during actual work hours!). Even the snobs who […]

Plagiarism Today Backs Zarrella

Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today weighed in today with his views on the JOAB dispute. The following comments by Mr Bailey were just published on JOAB: There is a problem here. Copyright law is very clear on this matter, it says that there can be no transfer of copyright unless “an instrument of conveyance, or […]

Bloggy Retracts Its Allegations Against Krug

Bloggy News recently reported the attack of Bloggy Network against David Krug, the self-acclaimed Liberal Cowboy. In a remarkable turnaround, chief exec. Mark Saunders, posted a retraction of these allegations on the JOAB blog. As follows-: Sometimes I feel like a right idiot….and this is such a time. I forgot to mention two other characteristics […]

Now Bloggy Attacks The Celebrity Cowboy

Now the Bloggy Network has turned its wrath on Mr David Krug, the liberal cowboy with an extremely personal attack in Jack Of All Blogs. Bloggy News gives it to you in full-: I guess one of the things that seduced me into buying this blog was all this cowboy stuff. Not that any of […]

Bloggy Network Buys Man Utd Blog

In its drive for expansion in the acquisition of high-profile, prestigious blogs- the Bloggy Network has now bought, for an undisclosed sum, the official Manchester United Blog. The Man Utd Blog has been leaving all other MU related blogs in its wake over the last year with its religious updates and complete bias for the […]

Controversy Rages Over Bloggy Purchase Of JOAB. Part 3

As this dispute over the acquistion of JOAB by Bloggy has continued to cause waves in the blogosphere news and has become a triangular fair, we now quote Bloggy‘s response to the dispute as posted on JOAB itself-: I am truly sorry that there has been such a mess over the acquisition of this blog. […]